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We import our tropical fish from country of origin. These beautiful cardinals are from Czech Republic and are delivered direct to our door.
We hand pick our marine fish, invertebrates and corals from Tropical Marine Centre, this ensures the highest quarantined quality.
We stock from the most simple goldfish to the very unusual Sturgeon. We also stock lots of native British fish such as Silver Rudd .
This is a long horned cow fish one of our favourite fish as they have so much character. We also stock puffers of all types these are also unique in personality. New marine hobbyists usually start up their aquarium with Green Chromis or Damsels as they are very hardy and will live through the new tank syndrome that occurs in new aquariums. Then the next fish must be a pecula clown fish or Nemo as everyone knows them now! The corals are stunning additions and make the aquarium look natural.
Our best selling fish is a platy, these are really good fish to start up your aquarium as they are extremely hardy and will live through the new tank syndrome that occurs in new aquariums. We have these fish in various types and colours. We also stock the fascinating tropical shrimps these come in a variety of colours such as blue, red, yellow and many more. They are good at cleaning your aquarium and they breed very easily too.
Ideal for aquascaped aquariums - all the plants and equipment for this is stocked.  

The indoor range of coldwater fish include the fancy goldfish such as Blackmoors with the big bulgy eyes and red cap orandas that are fascinating with their fluffy heads they look like they have had a perm! We stock pond fish all year round. Our range consists of Koi Carp, Mirror Carp, Ghost Carp, Grass Carp, Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Green Tench, Gold Tench, Shubunkins, Sarassa Comets, Barbel many more including Sturgeon which we have a special liscense to sell to the public as they can grow quite large.
You can contact us for any fish advice