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We are an authorised stockist for Aquaone Aquariums.
We are an authorised stockist for Juwel Aquariums.
We can have aquariums made to order in any size.
Aquaone offer a vast range of aquariums in many different desgins. Aqua One believe an aquarium should be more than purely a glass bowl in which fish little more than live.The design first must consider the well being of the fish by creating an aquarium system which provides as close as possible a natural equilibrium in which aquatic life can thrive. But equally important, the aesthetics should ensure the aquarium becomes a centre piece in any living room, a piece of furniture that you will be proud to own.
We have our bespoke aquariums made for us by Seashell. Other aquarium ranges that we stock or are able to order  include Evolution Aqua - they have over 16 colours to choose from, Biorb - they make fantastic trendy shapes, Interpet, Tetra, Innovative Marine, Ciano, Eheim, Tropical Marine, Penn Plax, Clearseal and many more. Come down to our shop and see our tank showroom, we always have lots in stock. We also have lots of wet display aquariums you can buy - saves the trouble of waiting for an aquarium to mature. Instant tank! 
Juwel offer free cabinets with most of their range of aquariums. Contact us to find out the latest deals. Juwel have over 50 years experience in aquarium manufacturing, the most advanced production facilities and the highest certificated standards. Their aquariums have LED lighting,  built in filtration heater and pump which are included in the price. They have 4 colours available Black, White, Light Wood and Dark Wood. They have some lovely bow fronted aquariums which make a lovely feature. The cabinets are very easy to make.
You can design the aquarium or sump and we'll get it made for you